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Depression & hopelessness


 mePraying tonight for people who are feeling depressed, hopeless and even suicidal.Some of you want to sleep and not wake up, you are that tired.

I want to tell you that God has not forgotten you.
I want to tell you that this is not a lost cause.
I want you to know that nothing is to hard for your God.
Negative thoughts are not from the Lord.
You can overcome with Jesus.
For many years I was tormented by the devil.
I was a drug user & I didn’t think there was any hope for me.
When I became born again( a Christian) I started taking the Bible Literally. I started applying it to my life.
I learned how to open my mouth and use my authority in Christ to tell those spirits to go!
Without him we can’t do anything.
With God all things are possible.

If you are a Christian struggling with this level of depression, you need to tell a Christian friend.
Have them pray for you.
If you are in immediate need most definitely seek medical help, right away.

If you have a chemical imbalance you need to know. And please don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for it.
Jesus knows you love him.
He also will give you much grace through your process.
It’s ok to get counseling, you may need it.
If you need medicine then you need it!
No shame!
God loves you, he uses doctors too.
Please don’t be alone if you feel like ending your life. Please speak up until your heard.

If you are a person dealing with depression but not feeling suicidal.
Take a look at your surroundings.
Are you wearing yourself out?
Are you letting your kids run you?
Are you in an abusive relationship?
Do you know what an abusive relationship is?
Because verbal abuse IS abuse and it can tear a person down.
Are your children healthy in your environment ?
I had to make hard, heartbreaking decisions to help my WHOLE family.
I needed to put my wants aside for awhile to ensure the well being of my family.
Sickness of alcohol, drug, mental or physical abuse won’t just affect you. It will affect your kids too.
There are boundaries we all need to have a healthy lifestyle . To ensure your well being.
Because if you are in a home of disfunction it will affect everyone.
Change starts now for your well being. Don’t wait!
No excuses you need peace of mind.

We need others around us to pray for us and help us in life.
I do too!
Love you


World suicide prevention day , remembering my loved one

#WorldSuicidePreventionDay Someone I was very close to and loved dearly took their life . Before this there were signs that they were in a deep depression. I saw this person look hopeless & a big thing they struggled with was they didn’t feel worthy of forgiveness because they had let so many people down. This person prayed & had a heart change . They loved Jesus . They also had a substances abuse problem for many years that I’m sure took a real toll on their body , mentally & emotionally. This person loved me & my kids so much he told us every single day. This person I was married to . I was pregnant with our fifth child in the first trimester when he died. It was such a shock to hear he died & the way he died hurt my heart even more. What I want to say to people struggling with addictions, depression, anxiety, stress , hopelessness, betrayal or any other difficult issue is this. You should not be alone , you can live life , PLEASE ask for help (a pastor , suicide prevention hotline , a friend , a doctor, a teacher ) talk & keep talking till you feel heard. Do not isolate yourself . Don’t allow a bad day , insult , situation , death or any other thing happening in your life now make you think there is no hope for your future.this is a spiritual battle . Satan sees the potential in your life , he knows God loves you so he hates you . I’ll give you an example . I almost committed suicide twice . I thought no one loved me & that I had no future or any hope. I called out to the lord that night with all my heart .so the same night I contemplated suicide was the same night I got saved . Jesus heard my prayer & gave me a peace that was not of this world. He cares for you too. I love you ! Don’t EVER give up. The bible says sorrow may come for the night but joy comes in the morning.image