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“Gimme Brow” Product Review

Review of Gimme Brow product.

Gimme Brow

brow before ..

Before application

brow after..

After application.You can add another layer of this product for darker brows.

I have been filling in my eye brows ever since I was a teen. I used mascara on my brows because I didn’t like using eyebrow pencils. What I didn’t like about using mascara was that you had to be careful how much you used & how hard you pressed or they would come out looking more like caterpillars .

Recently, I was in the market to buy something to help shape and enhance the look of my brows. I read reviews on Sephora’s website about Benefit Cosmetics’ Gimme Brow and I decided to try it. I bought mine online through Sephora for $24.00 in the light/medium color. My brows naturally are a medium brown color  so I was unsure how it might’ve might look.

I was surprised how much I liked this product. It filled the areas where I needed it and I was able to shape my brows with the wand. The product looks light, but once you put it on it’s actually looks slightly darker after it dries. It keeps the unruly hairs in place, and the color is build-able. I love the way my brows look now, and I will be purchasing it again.