Single mama’s Jesus is so proud of you!


I write about things I’ve been through,
For the single mamas.
Oh single mamas you are amazing people.
People try and understand you but they can’t, unless they have walked a day in your shoes. You need energy to work double time, just to make things go well for your family.
It’s so hard for you without a help mate to take some of the load from you, just for a little bit.
And that disrespectful child, you can’t say ” here take them for a while”
You are the only one there!
You struggle to keep food in your fridge, manage your household, take kids to school, make kids do their homework & sometimes it’s stressful cause they won’t listen!
Sports , ugh that’s another task.
And if you have many children, you have much more responsibility.
God bless you single mamas, I wish there was more done for YOU!That people could hear your voice when you want to talk, cause the burden is great.
God bless the single mamas, raising sons to be Godly men, raising daughters to be Godly women without a father in the home.
God bless you single mamas, the widows with children …God himself promises to hear your voice. He understands the burdens, the troubles that comes against you. Great grace for you single Mamas, who take the time to teach your children to love the lord. Who insure you always know where your kids are. Those moms who try their best to get the whole family to church on Sunday’s. And some of you don’t even have a full tank of gas, but you go anyways it’s that important to you.
There is a great reward for you mama, when you see all of your children serving the lord. It will have been worth the cost to do the right thing, even when no one cheers you on!
The time you’ve invested teaching your children about Jesus, how to respect, to have good morals , to be disciplined… All of these things you have done, that have taken a lot of your time are not for nothing.
Your children will bare much fruit becoming great men & women of God because you did the right thing. You chose God over selfishness, you chose your family.
Don’t give up… Keep going mama Jesus is so proud of you!