Yielding, Forgiving & Facing things

At my husbands funeral I got to talk to the woman who was dating him while we were still married. A lot of people didn’t know I was pregnant when he died. I was in such a fragile condition, I was told I may lose my baby.
I had so many cruel things happen to me and my kids during that time and I just wanted some peace.
So when this woman showed up I prayed.
” Lord I need to confront her, but I want to say the right things”
So I walked up to her at the reception.
I said “are you Ilene?” (Fake name, just trying to be Christian 😉)
She said , “yes”
I said ” Your the woman who was with my husband while we were still Married!”
She looked shocked ”
“No he was divorced ,” I said,” Nooo, you see the bible says you must have a certificate of divorce & we were going through it but we were still married”
” But you know what, I am a Christian, I forgive you and pray God will bless you”
She said, ” ahhhh thank you ”
I smiled and said ” you are welcome!”
🙌🏽 there’s a time to be silent and then there is a time to speak.

Forgiveness, I really forgave her in my heart. She wasn’t the only one I had to forgive, there were others. A few of these people I ended up praying with years later.

God doesn’t make me pray for every single person who has done me wrong. But I go with the flow of God. I’ll Be open to him & he will lead me.

He won’t lead me the wrong way. But I love the out of the box God experiences.

Ive learned something that I think is powerful. You overcome because Jesus is with you. His sacrifice makes this all possible. His spirit lives inside of you, he teaches you all truth. He gives you the power to live this Christian life. He turns it all to work for your good. Because God is good.

Where your emotions were raw & painful. He makes you strong and an overcomer. Because you lean on him for strength. When you live for God, that is a witness to others. When they see you live it day after day they take notice & They to will put their trust in Christ.

Here’s another quick little story . My husband and I used to live by this lady who would flirt with him often and I did not care for her . I felt disrespected.

Years later when I was separated from him, I moved across town and guess who moved in By me.. her again !

I asked God “why !!!”

One day I was praying and the Lord corrected me because I didn’t like her. The Lord showed me the abuse she had endured as a child . God who knows ALL hearts was giving me direction to help her. He wasn’t going to send me to fail. He was sending me because he is merciful and wants everyone to be saved. He knew I would listen. There was purpose to her living so close to me. I was to finish the job. God was not done with her yet. Wow, God loved her. And I needed to see her through his eyes.

The next time I saw her outside I am embraced her and I told her what the Lord has shown me . I went from Lisa the person who was hurt, to Lisa a minister of God . And that my friends felt really good!

It was really deep & and the Lord was healing her.

I looked at her from that day forward with different eyes and she never again disrespected me . That my friend was a God moment .

Are you Yielded to him? Are you ready to say” what ever you say goes God, I’m yours?”

He is so wIlling to give you even more of those divine appointments. They may even be right in front of you!

But would you know it if you saw it?

What if they were not what you expected?

Are you willing to let go of your rights to be right?

That my friend is between you and God!

But I know this he can & wants to use you. He wants to use us all. These out of the box experiences from God I have found to be healing for me, fruitful and some have even been adventurous. Not a boring life at all!

Me with God: You want me to go there!!! 😳 Ooooookkkay you know what your doing! And then I am so blessed by that experience. Because I yielded to God.image

God has so much more for you, ask him to help you in this. He will he is faithful. Only YIELD to his ways.

Love you hope this helps someone.