My thoughts on Adultery

Adultery, I’m just saying. If they are married, taken, engaged, spoken for don’t lower your standards. I don’t care how fine, nice , sweet , generous or spiritual they seem.
Oh my goodness !
Ok I have a story
I was going through a divorce.
My husband at that time broke my heart.
But in my heart I made a commitment to God to continue to be faithful even if he wasn’t.
Long story read my book it’s got all the details.
I’m in a store and I run into a man I’ve known since we were teens.
Well he asks me out.
I just so happen to know he is a married man!
I was mad, Hot😡
I hated the things that were done to me and I would never do that to another person.
I said to him
” you need to repent!”
” you are a married man!”
” you also need to apologize to your wife!”
He said, ” but Lisa your my friend and we are Separated” I said ” that’s right I am your friend And that’s why I’m telling you, go back to your wife and apologize, you are a married man!”
I told him what the bible says about these things. He listened to what I had to say and we parted ways.
His brother was there shaking his head.
He knew I was right.
So at the onset, right as Satan “tries” to tempt you
Do like Jesus did.
He said the words of God right to the Devils face and Devil fled away.
“Loyalty” a beautiful quality one should look for in a mate.