It’s my anniversary! Letting go & trusting the Lord

I am not stuck in the past, but I say all this for testimonies sake. My wedding anniversary would have been today. 1994 on this day I was married to Louis Moreno.
Here’s the thing, I remember this date but this date holds no power over my emotions anymore.
My heart is Gods. Louis is gone forever.
I truly have moved on.
How can I keep going to the past and expect God to give me the promise of a future.
You really can’t move toward your future, if your stuck in yesterday.
I think I let go along time ago.

But here’s the thing I do want to remember
I have five kids from this man. And they are gorgeous!
That’s the one good thing that came from all this.
I have a family now.

I have some good memories yes, but I’m looking forward to making some news ones.
I live in the present, not in the past.
That’s always been my outlook on death.
I mourned, that’s normal.
That person I loved passed from this life & went to be with God.

I may miss them, dates may be a little harder on my emotions, but this time NO.
I’m moving on
He is with you and that’s not a bad place to be.

So praise God for today, and thank you God for my beautiful, bright future.
Bring on the man you promised me 🎈🎉🎈
Me and God are close I’ll know him when I see him.
I’m not going to take a lonely side road.
Nope, this girl has been through to much.
I’ll wait on Gods timing .
Feeling peaceful