Some thoughts about depression,medicine & self pity

Your going to have times in your life where you just feel depressed & you can’t seem to get out of it.
Even people in the bible had those times.
Just don’t stay there.
If you need to cry, cry it’s ok you don’t always have to be strong.
Tears were Gods invention.

I know for me I always “seem” to be strong, I’m not always strong.
There are times I’m under so much pressure that I will cry out to God.
“Please take these burdens from me Lord”
And it’s ok to be that vulnerable with God.

I’m also thinking of how the church hasn’t had all the answers for these things. But they are trying to help.
No one on the earth knows it all. But the lord understands you. He knows all things & he does have answers for your situation.

Mental illness, depression these issues…
You know I’ve had first had experience with these things in me & in some loved ones.

Someone I loved with all my heart killed them self in a very public way.
I saw their struggle, I saw them pray, I heard them cry, I saw people judge them, they were hurting so bad inside.
So to the one who is struggling with depression and it’s gone on to long, I say this to you
There may be something medically wrong that you need help with.
Another person I love, who is a strong Christian could not shake the depression.
They were seen by a doctor and did indeed have an imbalance in their body. They got the help they needed & they are so much better now.

An antidepressant may not be a bad idea. Especially if you find yourself with thoughts of suicide. It all depends on what you need. Everyone is different.
God uses doctors and he can use medicine.

I really wish people were more understanding about this. I have not always been so understanding about these things myself. But as I have endured these hard things, I have become more understanding.

The mind is a part of your body and definitely needs care too.

Understanding spiritual things

For me personally my battle mentally was spiritual and God delivered me from thoughts of suicide.
Demons are real!
I’ve heard them speak, I’ve seen people in bondage
I was in bondage. I almost died because of this.

There is so much to say about this subject, but as you read the bible you’ll see how Jesus dealt with these spirits.
He is that powerful and his name is powerful.
No devil can stand up to Jesus.
They are afraid of Jesus .

I will give you this warning.
If you, yes even a Christian, have nothing medically wrong with you, but you constantly focus on the bad, then you need to stop doing that.
You are “choosing to stay where you are & want others to join your pity party”
Wrong thinking can keep you at 1 st base forever.
Always wanting to talk about your problems.
Never being a good listener to others.
You only want to talk about ” what they did to you”
If you don’t stop that, your going to lose all your friends & people will start avoiding you.
Don’t welcome self pity to be your best friend any more
And let go of that anger, bitterness can age you fast.
Live life to the fullest.
Ask God to help you change your outlook on life.

These are all things I talk about in the book I wrote.
And I knew it would help people to tell my story.
So to the person who is struggling.
I love you, don’t give up pray and seek help for your issue.
I hope this helps someone.
God bless you!