An excerpt from my book

Once when Mary and I prayed, we asked God to provide what I needed from the store. I asked God specifically for corned beef and cabbage, penne pasta, tuna and peas to make certain dishes for my family.

That same day, a woman named May came to my door and said, “Before you open this bag, I have to tell you what happened.”

May explained to me that while she visited with her dad at the retirement home, she held her head and told her father, “I can’t get this little girl out of my mind. God keeps telling me she’s praying for food.”

He told her, “Well then, go get it!”

May went to the grocery store and as she walked down each aisle, she said God would direct her. He even directed her to the right kind of pasta. When she picked up spaghetti noodles, God told her, “Not that one, she wants that one,” referring to the penne pasta.

May explained that she felt like God told her every item she should buy. When she said, “I don’t think she’ll like this, God.” He responded, “That’s what she’s praying for.”

After she told me what had happened, I opened it up the grocery bag and, sure enough, saw exactly the items I prayed for. We both cried because of God’s goodness to us. She felt just as blessed as I to hear from The Lord. I learned a great deal in these years about God providing.