Women and Children in abusive homes

I  have thought long and hard about these things and I’ve lived through a lot of this myself. Yes God thinks family is important .

Everyone who knows me knows what kind of wife I was and what kind of mom I am to my kids.

I value marriage and all God thinks of it.

But at what point does a person step away and say “Enough” I’m not talking about getting a divorce, I’m talking about getting your head straight and saving your kids.

If you are getting beat on, spit on, verbally abused, watching your kids live in fear, drugs are being used in the home ..the list goes on and on, then this is a unhealthy environment for your kids to grow up in.

I lived in shelters many of times growing up. We saw some stuff . My dad was on heroin and put us through alot. He is a great man now and all is forgiven, but when he was younger he had some real issues to deal with.

I went through similar things as an adult too.
So at one point I said, “Enough”
I needed to help my kids, I needed to think of them .

If your man wants to do his thing ,put that man in God’s hands ,trust God and raise your kids to know Jesus. Its the most important job in the world to raise your babies.

When your the only parent paying attention to the needs of your kids, you have got to do whats best for them. Your sons and daughters seeing you get kicked around, punched out and called a female dog isn’t right AT ALL.
If that’s all you you’ve ever known, then stop and think.DO I want my kids to end up like him?

Pray about this . There is help for you.

Some suggestions for resources

Local churches,Women’s shelters, Police Stations
Love you