World suicide prevention day , remembering my loved one

#WorldSuicidePreventionDay Someone I was very close to and loved dearly took their life . Before this there were signs that they were in a deep depression. I saw this person look hopeless & a big thing they struggled with was they didn’t feel worthy of forgiveness because they had let so many people down. This person prayed & had a heart change . They loved Jesus . They also had a substances abuse problem for many years that I’m sure took a real toll on their body , mentally & emotionally. This person loved me & my kids so much he told us every single day. This person I was married to . I was pregnant with our fifth child in the first trimester when he died. It was such a shock to hear he died & the way he died hurt my heart even more. What I want to say to people struggling with addictions, depression, anxiety, stress , hopelessness, betrayal or any other difficult issue is this. You should not be alone , you can live life , PLEASE ask for help (a pastor , suicide prevention hotline , a friend , a doctor, a teacher ) talk & keep talking till you feel heard. Do not isolate yourself . Don’t allow a bad day , insult , situation , death or any other thing happening in your life now make you think there is no hope for your future.this is a spiritual battle . Satan sees the potential in your life , he knows God loves you so he hates you . I’ll give you an example . I almost committed suicide twice . I thought no one loved me & that I had no future or any hope. I called out to the lord that night with all my heart .so the same night I contemplated suicide was the same night I got saved . Jesus heard my prayer & gave me a peace that was not of this world. He cares for you too. I love you ! Don’t EVER give up. The bible says sorrow may come for the night but joy comes in the morning.image