Drugs ,addictions & the loved ones caught in the cross fire

Addiction not only hurts the addict, but all those who love them. It’s a mad cycle of really good times and then a huge fall of bad times. Just like the feeling of a roller coaster, huge turns, dips, fears & shock. I knew addiction my whole life, even though I wasn’t always the one with the addiction. Addiction was a normal part of life for me.When I got saved my eyes were really opened as to the demonic world opened through addiction. Sometimes drugs are used for an introverted person to be the life of the party. Sometimes people with mental health issues find this is a way to self-medicate. Some people haven’t dealt with things they are trying to forget about, a horrible childhood & other places where they feel like a failure in life. So they use drugs to forget. All of a sudden for whatever reason you start ,you then find you cannot stop. Addiction is now second nature for you. You think about it all the time. And daily you fight with yourself about it. Until you seek out old friends who have the drugs you need. Then your in it again , the roller coaster. Jesus literally delivered me from addiction. If temptation tries to cross my mind I rebuke that devil. Remember the Bible says,What you allow will overtake you. So at the onset of sin Cast it Out! One of the fruits of the spirit is Self control. You have a choice .The Bible says to CHOOSE life. You can say NO. If your struggling ask for some help. If your in deep , get away from those old friends. The Bible says “Bad company corrupts good character” Hey they have a choice to ,your friends. You are not God .They need to seek him out for themselves. He is God after all. Like the bible says “How can the blind lead the blind?”He made them he can handle it. Don’t underestimate the power the name of Jesus has. He is mighty to save,deliver & change your life.

If you have a loved one struggling ,yes help them give them resources they may need. But dont allow yourself to get sucked up & wore out! Trust me I know what Im talking about. I dont give a homeless person money,I give them food.I dont want them to go buy alcohol ,but I care if they are eating or not.
Its the same way I wont give an addict money, they will only continue for a longer time on a downward spiral. I would instead give them a meal & some numbers of programs. Be loving & firm . Have your boundaries set up. Prayer does alot of damage to the things the devil is planning. Prayer really works. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart & do not depend on your own understanding seek his will in all you do & he will direct your path.